Firsthand Teen New License Experience

How learning to drive opened a whole new world for me.

In hindsight, if I knew how much learning to drive would change my life , I would not have put it off for as long as I did. I used to be perfectly happy walking or taking the bus and sometimes even hitching a ride with my parents and my friends. I applied for my PA drivers license only because a friend of mine was doing it as well. Getting a learners permit was easy enough and then my weekly lessons at driving school began. Having called shotgun for numerous rides and hence having watched my friends drive often , some parts of the whole driving process came quite naturally to me, like using the turn signals and how to hold the steering wheel. As the weeks went on, I felt my confidence building. The feeling of being in control of this car was surreal to say the least.

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Soon I couldn't wait for that driving test! I know TV and movies make it seem like this really daunting task with mean instructors but all my driving lessons gave me the confidence I needed to be calm and collected. I completed everything I was asked to do and soon I possessed a PA drivers license!

Suddenly, a whole new world opened up for me. Things that I had given up on before were now well within my reach. I had always wanted to join a

Two young kids driving gym but the one near my house was too expensive for me to afford. There was an affordable one , but it was too far away for me to walk to it everyday. Now with my license, I could drive to it at any time and there was ample place for all my gym stuff. My life no longer revolved around the bus schedule. I could go where I wanted at a time that was most convenient to me. The one thing that this license gave me was time. Time to spend with my friends instead of on the bus, time to help my siblings out when they need a ride instead of giving them the bus routes and most importantly time to enjoy the things I love the most instead of snatched moments because staying longer will make my walk back more tedious.

I guess I have my friend to thank for dragging me along to apply for my drivers license. Who knew filling in that form would change my life so drastically!