PennDOT Is Hiring – Job Listing for DOT Winter Jobs

The Department of Transportation sponsors an extensive WINTER MAINTENANCE PROGRAM (WMP) for temporary equipment operators, mechanics, and tradesman helpers. Our WMP runs from September through early April to supplement our permanent workforce. All listed hourly rates will be effective July 1, 2012. 


These Pennsylvania state jobs range from $12.25/hr to $17.55/hr and require a varying degree of skill.

Transportation Equipment Operators (TEO) – The hourly pay rate will be $13.81 *Please Note: In Districts 4-0, 5-0, 6-0, 8-0 and Allegheny County only, the hourly rate will be $16.55. TEOs are hired in most of our 67 counties. Most TEOs are hired full-time during the winter months to assist with snow removal. Some TEOs are hired on a standby (as needed) basis. Requirements for TEOs positions include, possession of a valid PA Commercial Driver's License (CDL) with the Air Brake restriction lifted AND six months of experience in the operation and maintenance of single-chassis trucks with a gross vehicle weight of between 17,000 and 32,000 pounds and/or construction and maintenance equipment such as rollers, tractor-maintainers, and front-loaders or hi-lifts. All candidates will be subject to a driving skills test in a manual transmission vehicle as part of the interview process. Selected candidates will need to successfully complete a one-week standard, temporary certification program for truck and loader. Operators will also be required to obtain a Tanker (N) endorsement after they are hired.

Automotive Mechanics – (Hourly rate – $15.55) – Automotive Mechanics are hired in some Counties to assist with the repair of equipment. Candidates must possess a PA Official Motor Vehicle Inspection Mechanic Certificate and a valid PA Commercial Driver's License (CDL). In addition, candidates must have four years of experience in the automotive mechanic trade; or completion of an approved apprenticeship.

Tradesman Helpers – (Hourly rate – $13.81) – Tradesmen Helpers are hired in several Counties to assist the mechanics with the repair of equipment. No previous experience is required.

Clerks – (Hourly rate – $12.25) – Clerks are hired in many Counties to operate the radios to dispatch operators during snowstorms. Many of these positions are night shift work. No previous experience is required.

Clerk Typists – (Hourly rate – $12.25) – Clerk Typists are hired to assist with clerical and typing duties. Candidates must pass a typing test (requirements are typing at 40 WPM). Only a few are hired for this program.

Welders – (Hourly rate – $15.55) – Welders are hired in a few Counties to perform a variety of skilled trades duties in the repair of parts, structural welding of bridge members; repairs to frames on equipment, hitches, plows; fabricates repair parts and body parts for a variety of applications. The employee must lift and carry parts and supplies up to 50 pounds for at least 20 yards; use wrenches, hammers, grinders, torches, and arc welders. Welders are required to have and maintain a Class C driver's license or a driver's license (Class A or B) that permits them to operate a class C vehicle.

Semi Skilled Laborers – (Hourly rate – $13.81) – Semi-Skilled Laborers are hired in very few Counties to perform as a mechanic's helper and assist with building maintenance. Examples of work include: Performing small repairs such as lube jobs, light repairs and tire changes, cleaning and painting equipment, and janitorial duties such as sweeping, cleaning, and shoveling snow.

Stock Clerks – (Hourly rate – $12.25) – Stock Clerks are hired to assist in maintaining and distributing supplies.

Custodial Workers – (Hourly rate – $12.25) – Custodial Workers are hired to provide custodial support within and outside the roadside rest facility to ensure its operations are conducted efficiently and effectively.


Employees may be required to work off hours or nightshifts and will NOT receive benefits. However, after 750 hours of working in a calendar year, employees will accumulate vacation and sick leave. As permanent vacancies occur, they are posted within the County. Temporary employees (either currently working or with less than one year break in service) will have the right to bid and be selected for permanent vacancies that occur in the same or lower level classification within the class series within the seniority unit. Selections will be made in accordance with existing union contract requirements. All potential candidates for TEO and mechanic classifications are subject to the Federal Motor Carrier Regulations that require pre-employment Drug Test and Random Drug and Alcohol Tests (if employed). In addition, candidate's driver records will be checked for verification of license information.


TEOs, Mechanics, and Tradesman Helpers – Employees may be required to perform outdoor work and have periods of heavy exertion. Employees work under a variety of adverse weather conditions such as extreme cold, heat, rain, wind, snow, or ice; exposure to greases, petroleum products and fumes, solvents, welding products, and fumes; potential injuries such as bruises, cuts, scrapes, sprains, and strains. Duties require repetitive actions and motions such as grasping, reaching, twisting, pushing and pulling. Employees may be required to understand and follow verbal and written instructions, lift and carry various items, observe and react to hazard warnings, back-up alarms, flashing lights, voice commands, and hand signals. In addition, employees may be required to wear appropriate protective gear (hard hats, protective shoes, aprons, gloves, and/or eye wear), be able to use shovels to dig or spread material, use rakes, hammers, picks, chain saws, wrenches, jackhammers, levels, trowels, and screwdrivers.

You can find the list of jobs and information on how to apply at the state site.