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Philadelphia, PA Driver License Centers

License issues primarily go through the Philadelphia Traffic Court. The tickets and citations that effect the PA license status need to be dealt with here first. The only way to contact the Philadelphia Traffic Court is in person. There is no public phone number, and their website says they will not release information by phone, fax or website. You can go in person and generally they are quick and efficient at getting things completed. There are busy times, and if you can avoid lunch hours and later in the day, you will be better served. Every area of Philadelphia uses the traffic court for administration of traffic tickets and citations.

Please make sure that paying these tickets will not result in more suspension time being added to your drivers license.
You can enter into a payment plan with the Philadelphia traffic court when money is owed for fines and tickets. You will need to arrive at the traffic court in Philly in person to start your payment plan. The employees at this Philly court will walk you through what needs to be done to get this payment plan started.

The Philadelphia Traffic Court does have enhanced security, and you can expect to go through metal detectors and have your belongings inspected prior to entering the court house. You have good signage and people will give you directions to complete the business you are there for.


You can NOT call the traffic court to get anything done. The only way to find out about tickets and status in the court is to arrive in person.

PA License Centers in Philadelphia

Philadelphia 05010

Driver License Center,

7121 Ogontz Ave,

Philadelphia, PA 19138.


Philadelphia 05013
Driver License Center,

1530 South Columbus Blvd.

Philadelphia, PA 19147.


If you are planning on getting your learners permit either of those locations can help with that step. Getting a PA license picture can be done there as well.

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