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PA License is the source for all information related to PA license issues in Pennsylvania. From the application process to fixing those problems you may have had with your pa license in the past to taking your driving test and drivers education for learners permit tests. PA License centers can also handle vehicle registrations and Pennsylvania Photo ID applications and pictures. Some centers can give you the drivers license road course test, and learners permit written (computerized) exam. The centers listed above will be able to provide all license test study material and guides, as well as answer any questions about the process of getting your PA license.

Some things to consider before heading to your local pa license center.

  • Do you have a check or money order?
  • Have you studied for your test?
  • Do you have the proper ID documents? Birth Certificate? Photo ID?

PA License Application

If you need more information on the PA license application you can find it here. We have contact information for license centers across the state. We have you covered with Penn DOT photo centers in Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Erie, and Pittsburgh. We have all the forms and requirements set out for anything you could want to do with your PA License. Our articles above go over procedures and give tips for how to proceed with getting your license or Pennsylvania Photo ID.

PA Drivers License Test


Please see the list of license test centers above, and find where you can take your test for the Pennsylvania learners permit. You can find online driver education and training resources. Online Drivers Ed is a Pennsylvania DOT approved online course for driver training and driver education. Drivers education classes are a great resource for practice drivers license tests and driver training prior to getting your learners permit.

PA License Suspension

If your PA License is suspended you need to check out the PA Suspended License page. There you
will find helpful resources for dealing with a suspension of your driver’s license. From forms
to acknowledge your license suspension to directions on how to get the drivers license restored
and who to talk to when all else fails.

PA Work License

The PA Work License can be hard to obtain and is a confusing work license application. We have
information on exactly what to do to make sure you qualify for the work driver’s license and
how best to handle it. We have agencies who can help with a pa work drivers license as well
as contact information for experts with all types of PA limited work license issues.

Probationary License

A probationary license is a lot like the limited work license, but has less restrictions on the reasons for driving. This limited license is given only after a minimum of five years of suspension time has been served. So this license is for longer suspension terms and can be received with less restrictions on license violations. The probationary license can be granted even if ignition interlock is a requirement after a DUI suspension, although the addition of the ignition interlock system can complicate the probationary license application. If your license suspension is for more than 5 years, and you have not had any violations in the last few years (minimum 3 years, but up to 7 may be required)


PennDOT can be a very confusing and hard company to contact. There are multiple channels for contacting
PennDOT on whatever driver’s License issue you may have. PA License can help you get to the right people
in the right divisions within PennDOT to get you solutions fast.So dig in and if you still have questions
after looking around, feel free to contact us with more questions.

As always your team here at PA-License is happy to provide as much information as we can. If something is
missing send us feedback and we will do our best to fill the gap. If you have more information and would
like to contribute, let us know what you would like to add and we will consider every submission.